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05 April 2008 @ 01:19 pm
Yesh! 8OvO8  
Hoi! <3 
The last time I'm stressed because of school and the final exam of the 10th class... But I look sooo~ forward to the June x3~
First there is the japan day in Duesseldorf and the next weekend there Miyavi is coming to Cologne! *~* Woah, I'm so happy! x333~ 
the weekend after this I have holidays and then I drive to spain with my girlfriend (no japan! T__T).  
Hope I will get this class, then I can turn into the upper stage. If not, my holidays wouldn't be so great as I thought... *thumps press* 
But don't think negative, I will get this and then this yeah could be the greatest ever~ *jump* 

(If I make any mistakes, please correct me. My english is not the best! >,<)
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